December 2018 | One presentation—sprinkled with Jay-Z lyrics—may have been the difference between practicing law and a career in design for Dionna Dorsey. Click below to learn more of Dionna’s journey to entrepreneurship and how she doesn’t allow fear and doubt to win.


The Atlantic Festival

October 2018 | Dionna was delighted to share thoughts on the rise of belief-driven consumers and the significance of building relationships and developing partnerships for community impact at From The Ground Up: The Rise of Small Business.


MakeHER Summit

October 2018 | A dynamic mashup of The National Museum of Women Artist’s annual Maker’s Mart and the renowned Fresh Talk series, the MakeHER Summit provided space and opportunity for connection, community and programming for creative women entrepreneurs.


Adweek Rising Star

September 2018 | While most likely think of Washington, D.C., as a simmering cauldron of political intrigue with a smattering of nice museums, the reality is (thankfully) quite a bit more multifaceted. Meet the Rising Brand Stars bringing a new wave of energy to D.C.


The Washington Informer

October 2017 | D.C. Fashion Designer Uses City as Muse. In 2009, Dionna Dorsey’s career as a fashion designer took a hit with the downturn in the economy, but after moving back home to D.C., she found inspiration to start again with apparel that pays homage to the District.